Michael & Graham - Ealing Fostering and Adoption

Michael and Graham became approved adopters in 2013.

“After nearly 20 years together, we had always wanted to be parents but as a gay couple didn’t think it would happen. From our first contact with Ealing at their LGBT adoption evening, we were optimistic. That night we met the woman who would eventually be our social worker and that relationship has been key to our journey.”

“Some months later we attended the preparation course, another important stage. We are still in contact with some of the other group members and it’s great that our little boy has friends whose adoptive parents were with us at that time in our lives.”

Michael said “We were approved in spring and the wait for the right child was one of the more difficult times. I recall we were coming home after a day’s work and reading profiles of really difficult cases and our hearts went out for those children, but we knew they weren’t the right match.”

“When our social worker called us with the news of a possible match with a one-year-old child, we had a strong feeling it was right. A few weeks later and we were matched and meeting our little one for the first time. We’ll never forget the moment when the only-just-walking toddler popped his head around the door to see who we were. The introductions were so exciting.”

“When he finally came to live with us was joyous. We felt as prepared as we could be for challenges, but in all honesty our journey has been much easier than we expected and easier than some of the stories we’ve heard from others.”

“Our son is now five and he is happy, healthy, confident, bright and really sociable. He has transformed our lives and is adored by all our family and friends. We’ve found a fantastic school, he has good friends, and the school parents are a great support network. It’s often very easy to forget that our family is different, but we’ve had no negative reactions. Without doubt adopting our son has been the best thing we ever did.”

The names have been changed and the photo used is of models.

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